Run 401k – Register today!

Run 401k – Register today!

Retirement accounts are a necessity if you want to retire at a reasonable age (or at all). The fact of the matter is, it is depressing to see how few people are actually contributing to their retirement accounts to retire comfortably. Building awareness for retirement accounts in general is critical for employees today. This is why Prudential is hosting an event called Run 401k in Washington D.C. to help increase awareness and raise money for a great fund that helps lower-income families pay for higher education.

Run 401k – Awareness for a Cause

According to Prudential, “One in three Americans isn’t saving enough for retirement.” One of the leading causes they mention is the cost of higher education. This can make it tough to save enough for the future while also paying today’s expenses. This is why for every person that registers for the race, Prudential is donating $25 to the 1:1 Fund. Bringing education to the nation for a reasonable cost is a great way to help boost the economy and build up an educated workforce. Unfortunately, many families simply don’t have the option of paying for their children’s higher education costs. This forces students to take on massive amounts of debt. The student loans make it difficult to save for the future due to how long they last. This fund aims to help ease this concern and make education more affordable.

The Run 401k is taking place on October 4th, 2015. I encourage people in the D.C. area to register for the race. This is a great cause and will truly help a lot of people out. I would also suggest taking the time to review your retirement accounts and make sure they are aligned to your current needs. Even just increasing your contributions by one percent can make a huge difference to your balance down the road with very little impact to your current situation. You can register for the Run 401k here.

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