Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever browsed the Google Play Store and checked out an app that you thought looked good, only to find that you have to pay for it? It seems like many people dislike the idea of having to pay for an app, especially when there are so many free alternatives available. Even if an app only costs 99 cents, that can add up over time. This is where the Google Opinion Rewards app can help!

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Launched in November 2013, the Google Opinion Rewards app lets you answer surveys in exchange for Play Store credit. These surveys range from what sort of movies or TV shows you like to watch, your favorite stores, where you like to travel, to anything else you can think of. The first couple of surveys that you may receive may not actually pay anything, as they are meant to help tailor future surveys to you. Google also utilizes other data (such as location data and search history) to try to tailor surveys to you.

Google Opinion Rewards Home ScreenThese surveys typically take about a minute to complete. Google claims that they typically send surveys once a week, but my experience has been at least once a day so far. They don’t pay out much – I usually receive about 15 to 20 cents per survey I complete. In the short time that I’ve been using the app, however, I’ve received $3.18 in Play Store credit. This credit lasts for a year and can be used on anything in the Play Store. Maybe you can get the premium version of your favorite app to remove ads, or to buy a new mobile game to help pass the time. Using the credit on TV shows and movie rentals is probably where I would use it the most.

One word of caution with the app is that you should be sure to answer the questions truthfully. Some of the questions that Google will ask you may be related to your usage of some of their products or recent stores that you have visited. Since Google may rely on some of their own data they have, they can usually tell if you are just gaming the system to earn more Play Store credit. If they detect this, they may slow the rate of surveys they send you through the Google Opinion Rewards app – or even stop sending you surveys altogether. Overall though, this is a great way to receive some spending money on the Play Store for apps that you have had an interest in but didn’t want to spend any of your own money on. Don’t expect to buy a full season of your favorite show immediately, but this is super useful as a supplement to that for sure.

Do any of you use the Google Opinion Rewards app? How much have you earned with it? Leave a comment below with your experiences or what you use the Play Store credit for!

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