Responsible Geeks – What are we?

Responsible Geeks – What are we?

An introduction of sorts

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. Chances are if you’re here, you’re either a geek, need money advice, or just like to find new sites on the Internet. Cool! I’ve always been interested in the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, but with how much there is out there, it’s difficult to keep up. Factor in the cost and it’s amazing that so many people are able to afford it! Being responsible with your money while still enjoying the things you love is what I want to tackle in this blog. Being financially responsible geek and still enjoying the latest and greatest can be a challenge. Be it the newest smartphone, the latest operating system, or even just a cool video game – the possibilities are endless and there are plenty of ways to find that you’ve gone through all of your hard-earned money.

Wanting the latest technology and also being able to save enough to not only live comfortably, but to even afford other necessities might seem like a challenge to some people. Many will make huge sacrifices to be able to get the latest in tech. Others will just charge it and then not look at that ugly credit card statement when it comes in. Neither of these are sustainable. On the one hand, you may be missing out on great experiences and memories that you’ll never be able to make up for. On the other, your financial future is at a huge risk. I aim to help solve that.

What is a Responsible Geek?

Being a responsible geek means a couple of things to me. For one, it means knowing what my limit is. It’s nearly impossible to stay current in the tech world. As soon as you’re shiny new piece of metal and silicon has shipped, something newer has released. Finding a place to say that you’re happy with what you have is a great place to start. It means that I know to plan for the future. We never truly know what lies ahead for us, so being able to put something aside for the future – whether it be a couple of days, weeks, or even years – is a great feeling, especially when you see how quickly it can add up. A responsible geek is able to understand when to let technology pass us by for a little bit while we make sure we’re preparing properly.


Now I know being responsible sounds boring. With how easy technology has made it for us to see instant gratification, it can be difficult to let things go for a little while and wait it out. Saving money on your favorite hobbies, as well as watching your money grow for you at the same time can be a great reward for those with the patience. If you’re responsible with your money, you’ll be able to afford the new tech you want in no time.

What to expect

So, what sort of articles can you expect on this blog? Pretty much anything tech and money related really. If there’s some big news that comes out for a technology company (who is this Alphabet company anyway?), it’ll be here. I’ll also be talking about money matters as well. I won’t be going into details on when to buy and sell stocks (that’s silly anyway – all the cool people know index funds is where it’s at). I will talk about how you can maximize your savings in the best ways possible, be it through your own savings account, a company-sponsored 401k, your personal IRA, even the money you stash under your mattress (I hope no one ACTUALLY does this though…). I’ll also go over budgeting tips, cool software you can use, and general money sense that should really be common knowledge. Being able to know that you can just pay for a bill when it comes instead of worrying where that money is going to come from is an incredibly refreshing feeling, and one that I hope to let you all know as well!

If you like the idea, feel free to subscribe (there’s a subscription form to the left) and you’ll receive emails when I post new content! Also, check me out on Facebook and Twitter! There isn’t much there yet, but as time goes on, you can be sure to find something of interest there as well. For now, enjoy being responsible with your geeking and I’ll catch you next time!

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